AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-13Remove gcc10 as build dep; Prevent creating files in the user's homedirmrxx
2022-01-20Replace dependency pth with npthmrxx
2021-11-20Add gcc10 as build dep; set license type to GPL3mrxx
2021-06-13Add --no-commit option to git cherry-pickmrxx
2021-05-24Set gcc-10; enable sm_80 and sm_86; use git instead sed for issue 2027mrxx
2021-05-16Fix build issues 2290,2262mrxx
2020-11-26Strip version number from CC and CXX envvarsmrxx
2020-09-05Use gcc-9; Fix build issue 2027mrxx
2020-08-06Update to v0.19.0mrxx
2020-06-09Rename env variable CCX to CXXmrxx
2019-08-02Update to v0.18.0mrxx
2019-07-05Add missing linker library; increase gcc versionmrxx
2019-03-11Update to v0.17.1mrxx
2019-01-09Update to v0.17.0mrxx
2018-12-04Update to v0.16.1mrxx
2018-09-30Remove myself as maintainerEmiel Wiedijk
2018-02-27ethminer-cuda - bump pkgrelEmiel Wiedijk
2018-02-27ethminer-cuda - conflict with ethminerEmiel Wiedijk
2018-02-27ethminer-cuda - remove cuda from optdependsEmiel Wiedijk
2018-02-27ethminer-cuda - initial commitEmiel Wiedijk