AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-13Moving the python installation to the install script so that we can actually ...ggilestro
2019-09-26Changed installation mode to developggilestro
2019-09-26fix issue with netctlggilestro
2019-07-11fixed and changed the location of the bare repositoryggilestro
2019-07-10second attempt at fixing network installationggilestro
2019-07-10Modified the network activation - this may need some further testingggilestro
2019-07-06Modified the post install hook to fix the netctl servicesggilestro
2019-07-03Verbose post_install hookggilestro
2019-07-03fixed a typo in one of the depsggilestro
2019-07-03Added some important dependencies. Ready for real first testggilestro
2019-06-25Added a number of post installation modificationsggilestro
2019-06-24Creates a machine-name and changes hostnameggilestro
2019-06-24First package commitggilestro