AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-08Merge pull request #1 from jm2/masterslashbunny
2021-09-08Remove broken legacy libraries and use default package extension.John-Michael Mulesa
2021-05-06Update mirror, urlSlashbunny
2015-06-08Refer to etqw-data PKGBUILD in install fileSlashbunny
2015-06-08Update etqw urlSlashbunny
2015-06-08Modernize PKGBUILD, add working mirrorSlashbunny
2015-06-08Fixed unzip command to point to the correct filenameSlashbunny
2015-06-08Updated to working mirrorSlashbunny
2015-06-08Script to launch rthread version of etqwSlashbunny
2015-06-08Initial commit of personal PKGBUILDs for Arch LinuxSlashbunny