AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-24Bump to v1.12.0francoism90
2022-06-02Clean patchfrancoism90
2022-06-02Updated to 1.11.0Massimiliano Torromeo
2022-04-04removed unnecessary install file that causes double compilation of dkms modulesMassimiliano Torromeo
2022-03-11v1.10.1Michael Wawrzyniak
2021-12-29v1.10.0 - fixes 5.15 buildMichael Wawrzyniak
2021-12-29v1.10.0 tag - fixes 5.15 buildsMichael Wawrzyniak
2021-04-27Update for v1.9.1 releaseMichael Wawrzyniak
2020-12-14Updated to 1.7.2Michael Wawrzyniak
2020-10-18Revert to v1.7.0 and add abucodonosor's kernel 5.9 patchMichael Wawrzyniak
2020-08-04Update for v1.8.0 releaseMichael Wawrzyniak
2020-05-12Update to v1.7.0mwawrzyniak
2019-12-05Forgot to bump revisionMichael Wawrzyniak
2019-12-05Update to (hopefully) fix 5.4 kernel buildingMichael Wawrzyniak
2019-11-22Update for v1.6.4Michael Wawrzyniak
2019-11-18Update for v1.6.3Michael Wawrzyniak
2019-07-09Update to evdi v1.6.1Michael Wawrzyniak
2019-05-08Update to evdi v1.6.1Michael Wawrzyniak
2019-02-20Update to EVDI v1.6.0Michael Wawrzyniak
2018-12-26Fixed FBINFO_CAN_FORCE_OUTPUT compile error for 4.20Michael Wawrzyniak
2018-11-14Update for evdi 1.5.1Michael Wawrzyniak
2018-03-22Update versionPusMinus0
2017-02-20Updated evdi to 1.3.43 (again)PusMinus0
2017-02-06Fix buildPusMinus0
2017-02-06Fix build with newer kernels, thx to truonganPusMinus0
2017-01-25Revert "Updated evdi to 1.3.43"PusMinus0
2017-01-20Updated evdi to 1.3.43PusMinus0
2016-10-13Updated to new evdi versionPlusMinus0
2016-09-16Update SRCINFOPlusMinus0
2016-09-16Add sourced to directory for dkms installPlusMinus0
2016-09-16Be more verbosePlusMinus0
2016-09-16Initial commit for evdiPlusMinus0