AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-19eventd: Bump to 0.27.0Quentin Glidic
2019-06-11eventd: Bump to 0.26.0Quentin Glidic
2019-01-13eventd: Bump to 0.25.0Quentin Glidic
2018-09-14eventd: Add aarch64 architectureQuentin Glidic
2018-06-02eventd: Workaround a test failure under some localesQuentin Glidic
2018-03-15eventd: Bump to 0.24.1Quentin Glidic
2018-03-08eventd: Fix checksumQuentin Glidic
2018-03-07eventd: Bump to 0.24.0Quentin Glidic
2018-02-16eventd: Drop Meson version requirementQuentin Glidic
2017-05-20eventd: Add pkg-config dependencyQuentin Glidic
2017-05-12eventd: Bump to 0.23.0Quentin Glidic
2017-04-24eventd: Fix installQuentin Glidic
2017-04-23eventd: Fix .SRCINFOQuentin Glidic
2017-04-23eventd: Bump to 0.22.0Quentin Glidic
2017-03-23eventd: Bump to 0.21.0Quentin Glidic
2016-09-04eventd: Bump to 0.20.0Quentin Glidic
2016-08-02eventd: Bump to 0.19.3Quentin Glidic
2016-07-24eventd: Bump to 0.19.2Quentin Glidic
2016-07-21eventd: Bump to 0.19.1Quentin Glidic
2016-07-21eventd: Bump to 0.19.0Quentin Glidic
2016-05-30eventd: Bump to 0.18.2Quentin Glidic
2016-05-28eventd: Initial packageQuentin Glidic