AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-16fix source url and bump to version 1.9.0invverse
2022-09-01everdo 1.8.2 updateJay Ta'ala
2022-07-23dbus dep should be from core repo.Jay Ta'ala
2022-07-21Updated to 1.7.8. Removed all unneeded dependencies. Changed toJay Ta'ala
2022-03-30everdo 1.7.7 updateJay Ta'ala
2022-01-10everdo 1.6.1 updateJay Ta'ala
2021-05-24everdo 1.5.14 updateJay Ta'ala
2021-03-26everdo 1.5.8 updateJay Ta'ala
2021-01-07everdo 1.5.3 updateJay Ta'ala
2020-09-22everdo 1.4.1 updateYagiOoda
2020-06-18everdo 1.3.9 updateYagiOoda
2020-06-18everdo 1.3.8 updateYagiOoda
2020-06-16everdo 1.3.7 updateYagiOoda
2020-05-25everdo 1.3.6 updateYagiOoda
2020-04-20everdo 1.3.5 updateYagiOoda
2020-03-22everdo 1.3.4 removed libappindicator-sharp dependencyYagiOoda
2020-03-04everdo 1.3.4 updateYagiOoda
2020-01-15everdo 1.3.1 updateJay Ta'ala
2019-12-17everdo 1.2.19 updateJay Ta'ala
2019-11-07everdo 1.2.18 updateYagiOoda
2019-09-17everdo 1.2.17 updateYagiOoda
2019-05-24everdo 1.2.15 updateYagiOoda
2019-03-27everdo 1.2.14 updateYagiOoda
2019-03-19everdo 1.2.13 updateYagiOoda
2019-01-29also update PKGBUILDBrennan Thews
2019-01-29everdo 1.2.6 updateBrennan Thews
2019-01-04Update to Everdo 1.2.2Brennan Thews
2018-11-27everdo 1.1.26 updateBrennan Thews
2018-11-22everdo commit 1.1.16Brennan Thews