AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-27update to 2.9.99Marcel Hoppe
2017-08-31push to 2.9.98Marcel Hoppe
2017-08-31push to 2.9.97Marcel Hoppe
2017-08-21push to v2.9.95Marcel Hoppe
2017-07-16update to 2.9.90Marcel Hoppe
2017-06-05push to 2.0.6Marcel Hoppe
2016-10-24push to 2.0.4Marcel Hoppe
2016-10-19link gtk-3.20 to gtk-3.0Marcel Hoppe
2016-10-19update to version 2.0.1Marcel Hoppe
2016-07-10update to 1.7.2Marcel Hoppe
2016-07-04update to 1.7.0Marcel Hoppe
2016-06-27update to 1.6.1Marcel Hoppe
2016-06-22update to 1.5.0Marcel Hoppe
2016-06-09update to 1.3Marcel Hoppe
2016-06-09update to 1.3Marcel Hoppe
2016-06-06update to version 1.1.2Marcel Hoppe
2015-10-02Initial CommitMarcel Hoppe