AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-02bumping to v3.4.0esskayesss
2024-02-15updating to v3.3.0esskayesss
2023-08-29updating to v3.2.0esskayesss
2023-06-02Update package version to 3.1.0Mikael Muszynski
2019-12-25Add `replaces` for "exercism-cli" in PKGBUILDMikael Muszynski
2019-11-28Update package version to 3.0.13Mikael Muszynski
2019-07-28Make package conflict with non-binary packageMikael Muszynski
2019-07-28Add previous contributor to PKGBUILDMikael Muszynski
2019-07-28Change e-mail address to a preferred oneMikael Muszynski
2019-07-28Rename package to exercism-binMikael Muszynski
2019-07-21Fix wrong version of LICENSEMikael Muszynski
2019-07-21Update package to 3.0.12Mikael Muszynski
2018-12-09Version the completion filesMikael Muszynski
2018-12-09Update package to 3.0.11Mikael Muszynski
2018-10-24Update package to 3.0.10Mikael Muszynski
2018-09-03Update package to 3.0.9Mikael Muszynski
2018-07-30Update package to 3.0.6Mikael Muszynski
2018-04-02Update pkgrelMikael Muszynski
2018-04-02Change URLs for completion filesMikael Muszynski
2018-03-03Update package version in .SRCINFOMikael Muszynski
2018-03-03Increment package versionMikael Muszynski
2018-03-03Include completion files in packageMikael Muszynski
2017-10-08Update package to 2.4.1Mikael Muszynski
2017-04-02Update package to 2.4.0Mikael Muszynski
2017-04-02Use sha256sums instead of md5sumsMikael Muszynski
2017-04-02Remove leading "v" in version nameMikael Muszynski
2016-09-15Add version in names of cached tarballsMikael Muszynski
2016-08-21Update package to 2.3.0Mikael Muszynski
2016-06-05Update SRCINFOMikael Muszynski
2016-06-05Update package to 2.2.6Mikael Muszynski
2016-03-05Update package to v2.2.4Mikael Muszynski
2015-09-12Update package to v2.2.1 releaseMikael Muszynski
2015-07-10Modify address of maintainer to prevent spamMikael Muszynski
2015-07-10Update PKGBUILD to make use of new variablesMikael Muszynski
2015-07-08Initial importMikael Muszynski