AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-29Update to 2021.8.3Jannis Göing
2021-08-11Updated Expandrive to 2021.8.1Jannis Göing
2021-06-18Updated to 2021.6.1Jannis Göing
2021-04-28Updated to 7.7.9jannis Göing
2021-04-12Updated to Version 7.7.8jannis Göing
2021-03-03Updated to Version 7.7.6jannis Göing
2021-01-22Updated to Expandrive Version 7.7.0jannis Göing
2020-10-24Updated Expandrive to Version 7.6.5jannis Göing
2020-02-28FIXED Download URLJannis Göing
2020-02-28Updated to Version 7.5.0Jannis Göing
2020-02-06Updated to Version 4.7.10Jannis Göing
2019-12-26Updated to Version 7.4.5Jannis Göing
2019-12-12Updated to Version 7.4.2Jannis Göing
2019-11-25Updated to Version 7.4.1Jannis Göing
2019-11-20Updated to Version 7.4.0Jannis Göing
2019-11-09Added Dependency gnome-keyringJannis Göing
2019-11-09Updated to Version 7.3.0Jannis Göing
2019-11-09Updated PKGBUILD vor Expandrive Version 7.3.0Jannis Göing
2019-04-28Updated ExpanDrive to version 7.0.10Seth Murphy
2019-04-24Updated expandrive-bin to version 7.0.8Seth Murphy
2019-04-20Fixed issue on updating ExpanDrive to version 7.0.5 from upstreamSeth Murphy
2019-04-20Updated ExpanDrive to version 7.0.5 from upstreamSeth Murphy
2019-04-17Added expandrive-bin packageSeth Murphy