AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-09conformance to s
2016-11-01.....gorram pak.lst didn't get committed.brent s
2016-11-01adding pak.lstbrent s
2016-11-01added nquake as opt dependbrent s
2016-11-01gorram typosbrent s
2016-11-01...oopsbrent s
2016-11-01tweaking some things...brent s
2016-06-25adding information for bug tracker, news, etc.brent s
2016-06-19fixing sha512 checksum..brent s
2016-06-18fixing typobrent s
2016-06-17bumping for xxd build dep, fixing binary linkbrent s
2016-04-07updating gitignoresbrent s
2016-04-06GPG support donebrent s
2016-04-06adding gitignore, updating to sha512sumsbrent s
2016-03-17adding fix to launcherbrent s
2015-07-28oops. forgot to add my mksrsinfo hookbrent s
2015-07-28Adding jansson, removing svgalib because it's super broken and probably not n...brent s
2015-06-08initial commitbrent s