AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-09-27update versionLukas Michel
2023-06-19update versionLukas Michel
2023-04-27update versionLukas Michel
2023-01-06minecraft 1.19.3 and fabric loader 0.14.12Lukas Michel
2022-10-27update fabric installer and server versionLukas Michel
2022-08-08update Minecraft version to 1.19.2 and Fabric Loader to version 0.14.9Lukas Michel
2022-08-02update Minecraft version to 1.19.1Lukas Michel
2022-06-29Update fabric-loader versionLukas Michel
2022-06-08update Minecraft, fabric loader and fabric installer versionsLukas Michel
2022-04-07bump versionLukas Michel
2022-02-11incorporate the version of the fabric loader to be installedLukas Michel
2022-01-29update the version of the management scriptLukas Michel
2022-01-18update to use the new version of the management script from Michel
2021-12-27do not chown to a non-existant usersLukas Michel
2021-12-14update to minecraft 1.18.1Lukas Michel
2021-12-12fix the post_upgrade outputLukas Michel
2021-12-12fix the post_upgrade outputLukas Michel
2021-12-12fix .SRCINFOLukas Michel
2021-12-12add command line option to mitigate the log4j vulnerability (as adivsed by ...Lukas Michel
2021-12-10install the new libraries subfolder provided by fabric to the server root dir...Lukas Michel
2021-12-10update to fabric installer version 0.10.2. Minecraft version is kept at 1.17....Lukas Michel
2021-11-26update to 0.9.1Lukas Michel
2021-11-19bump pkgrelLukas Michel
2021-11-19sync scripts and services with minecraft-server packageLukas Michel
2021-11-14update install instructionsLukas Michel
2021-11-14fix .SRCINFOLukas Michel
2021-11-14update version to 0.9.0 for minecraft 1.17.1Lukas Michel
2021-01-29Upgrade: Minecraft 1.16.5ndoskrnl
2020-11-19Update .SRCINFOndoskrnl
2020-11-19Upgrade: Minecraft 1.16.4Arkua 233
2020-10-02minecraft 1.16.3ndoskrnl
2020-09-21Update checksumsArkua 233
2020-09-21fabric 233
2020-08-24fix maintainer field derpArkua 233
2020-08-24Initial commitArkua 233