AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-19Update to 1.1.74Max Meinhold
2022-11-22Update to 1.1.72Max Meinhold
2022-10-27Update to 1.1.70Max Meinhold
2022-09-16Update to 1.1.69Max Meinhold
2022-08-29Update to 1.1.68Max Meinhold
2022-06-29Update to 1.1.61Max Meinhold
2022-05-13Update to 1.1.59Max Meinhold
2022-04-02Update to 1.1.57Max Meinhold
2022-01-21Update to 1.1.53Max Meinhold
2021-12-23Update to 1.1.50Max Meinhold
2021-12-10Update to 1.1.49Max Meinhold
2021-11-25Update to 1.1.48Max Meinhold
2021-11-06Update to 1.1.46Max Meinhold
2021-10-13Upgrade to 1.1.42Max Meinhold
2021-09-24Upgrade to 1.1.41Max Meinhold
2021-09-22Roll back to 1.1.39Max Meinhold
2021-09-22Update to 1.1.40Max Meinhold
2021-09-02Update to 1.1.39Max Meinhold
2021-08-18Update to 1.1.38Max Meinhold
2021-08-05Update to 1.1.37Max Meinhold
2021-07-13Update to 1.1.36Max Meinhold
2021-06-16Update to 1.1.35Max Meinhold
2021-05-27Update to 1.1.34Max Meinhold
2021-05-07Update to 1.1.33Max Meinhold
2021-04-16Update to 1.1.32Max Meinhold
2021-03-28Update to 1.1.30Max Meinhold
2021-03-14Update to 1.1.27Max Meinhold
2021-03-05Update to 1.1.26Max Meinhold
2021-02-21Update to 1.1.25Max Meinhold
2021-02-08Update to 1.1.21Max Meinhold
2021-01-27Update to 1.1.19Max Meinhold
2020-12-05Correct LICENSE hashMax Meinhold
2020-11-23Update to 1.0.0Max Meinhold
2020-03-18update to 17.79Alexandria
2018-06-22update to 0.16.51Mickaël Thomas
2018-04-04Fix owner of factorio config filesMickaël Thomas
2018-04-02update to 0.16.36Mickaël Thomas
2017-12-05Update to 0.15.40Mickaël Thomas
2017-10-17Update to 0.15.37Mickaël Thomas
2017-09-06Update to 0.15.34Mickaël Thomas
2017-08-15Update to 0.15.33Mickaël Thomas
2017-07-28Update to 0.15.31Mickaël Thomas
2017-04-25Update to 0.14.23Mickaël Thomas
2017-02-03Update to 0.14.22Mickaël Thomas
2016-11-30Update to 0.14.21Mickaël Thomas
2016-11-12Update to 0.14.20Mickaël Thomas
2016-11-10Update to 0.14.19Mickaël Thomas
2016-08-30update to 0.13.20Sebastien Duthil
2016-08-30fix 0.13.19 changesSebastien Duthil
2016-08-26update to 0.13.19Sebastien Duthil