AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-14Change license field to SPDX formatgardenapple
2023-05-18Change maintainer email (and bump pkgver)gardenapple
2022-01-28Patch no longer neededgardenapple
2022-01-07Add patch for python 3.10gardenapple
2021-01-08Add python-six as dependencygardenapple
2020-08-06Removed patch for icon paths, fixed in upstreamgardenapple
2020-08-03Provides and conflicts with fahcontrol, fix checksumgardenapple
2020-08-02Create -gtk3-git package (re-wrote basically everything)gardenapple
2020-07-12fahcontrol: forgot .SRCINFOMagnus Boman
2020-07-12fahcontrol: switch to centos source for easier packaging + cleanupMagnus Boman
2020-05-06Update to 7.6.13Magnus Boman
2020-04-18Update to 7.6.9Magnus Boman
2020-04-17Update to 7.6.8-1Magnus Boman
2018-06-10Update to 7.5.1Paul B
2017-05-24cleanupPaul B
2015-11-05Update to 7.4.4-3Paul B
2015-06-18Initial importPaul B