AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-28More sensible .gitignore contentsCTK
2022-07-28Make compilation work again (tricks from aur/fbpanel)CTK
2017-02-10Bump PKGBUILD revisionCTK
2017-02-10Add localization files, that the new build system since SVN r516 omits to cop...CTK
2017-02-10Fix manpage path to match the standard path on ArchCTK
2017-02-10PKGBUILD variables: use more quotesCTK
2017-02-10Fix PKGBUILD license field format (it should be an array)CTK
2015-12-11ignore logs, pkgyar
2015-12-11fix config errorsyar
2015-12-11first tryyar