AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-09-27Updated .SRCINFOCarlen White
2023-09-27Add new patch file to source arrayCarlen White
2023-09-27Updated .SRCINFOCarlen White
2023-09-27Fix patch, version bumpCarlen White
2023-09-27Updated .SRCINFOCarlen White
2023-09-27Use sass instead of node-sass for aarch64 compileCarlen White
2023-09-27Updated .SRCINFOCarlen White
2023-09-27Fix for building on different archCarlen White
2023-09-27Updated .SRCINFOCarlen White
2023-09-27Add all arch's from electron-17Carlen White
2023-09-26Updated .SRCINFOCarlen White
2023-09-26Updated for v1.24.2Carlen White
2023-09-11.SRCINFO updatedCarlen White
2023-09-11Wayland `.desktop` entry added.Carlen White
2023-07-19Update .SRCINFOCarlen White
2023-07-19Change provides to fchat=3.0Carlen White
2023-07-18.SRCINFO updatedCarlen White
2023-07-18A more *"correct"* depend on Electron 17Carlen White
2023-07-18Spelling correction.Carlen White
2023-07-18.SRCINFO updateCarlen White
2023-07-18Remove redundant package stepCarlen White
2023-07-18Patch cruft removalCarlen White
2023-07-18Change package name without -git, .SRCINFO addedCarlen White
2023-07-10Updated for v1.23.5Carlen White
2023-06-20Updated for v1.23.4Carlen White
2023-06-07Updated for v1.23.3Carlen White
2023-05-30Updated for v1.23.2Carlen White
2023-05-23Updated for v1.22.0Carlen White
2023-04-05Updated for v1.21.2Carlen White
2023-03-18Updated sha256Carlen White
2023-03-18Updated desktop categoriesCarlen White
2023-03-15Updated for v1.21.1Carlen White
2023-01-23Updated README to mention the custom patchCarlen White
2023-01-19Patch to send unsent text in channels to fileCarlen White
2023-01-07Updated to v1.20.0Carlen White
2022-09-16Updated for v1.19.2Carlen White
2022-06-30Updated for 1.18.1Carlen White
2022-03-10Fixed NVM InitCarlen White
2022-03-08Fix building and running, prevent home pollutionCarlen White
2021-10-17Added READMECarlen White
2021-10-17Initial CommitCarlen White