AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-151.9.6 releaseStorm Dragon
2018-10-251.9.5 released.Storm Dragon
2018-10-171.9.4 released.Storm Dragon
2018-09-20We now get source from github as the pip site was failing to generat e a sett...Storm Dragon
2018-09-15Fenrir 1.9.3 released.Storm Dragon
2018-07-17Remembered the service file.Storm Dragon
2018-07-16Latest stable version.Storm Dragon
2018-06-08raise PKGBUILD versionchrys
2018-06-08update md5chrys
2018-06-08update md5chrys
2018-06-08release fenrir 1.9 post2chrys
2018-06-08Updated the install file.Storm Dragon
2018-06-08Updated version to 1.9Storm Dragon
2017-11-11update to 1.5.1chrys
2017-10-23Fixed a bug with version number.Storm Dragon
2017-10-21Added the new --force-settings flag.Storm Dragon
2017-10-07Newest stable release, 1.5Storm Dragon
2017-07-26Updated contact email addresses.Storm Dragon
2017-06-11Changed url to the homepage. Fixed formatting issue. Added python-dbus as dep...Storm Dragon
2017-06-11Fixed info in install file. Hopefully fixed backup file too.Storm Dragon
2017-03-26Something went wrong with md5sums. Note to self, don't manage packages under ...Storm Dragon
2017-03-25 Latest stable version.Storm Dragon
2017-02-13Updated Fenrir version 1.05Storm Dragon
2017-02-13Updated md5sum.Storm Dragon
2017-01-30Added backup file array.Storm Dragon
2017-01-23md5 changed.Storm Dragon
2017-01-05Initial commit.Storm Dragon