AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-01Update from upstreamNathaniel Chin
2022-06-22update from upstreamNathaniel Chin
2022-06-03Update to match upstreamNathaniel Chin
2022-04-30Backport changes from upstream... Sorry for missing them for so long D:Nathaniel Chin
2022-01-16Fix buildNathaniel Chin
2021-06-21FixNathaniel Chin
2021-05-02FixNathaniel Chin
2021-04-23Fix svt-vp9 patchNathaniel Chin
2021-04-09reenable v4l2-m2mNathaniel Chin
2021-03-29Remove tensorflow supportNathaniel Chin
2021-03-29Cleanup + add libristNathaniel Chin
2021-02-07fix buildNathaniel Chin
2021-02-06Change depend from pulseaudio to libpulseNathaniel Chin
2020-10-11Update svt-vp9 patch & add uavs3d support.Nathaniel Chin
2020-10-06Merge fixes from upstreamNathaniel Chin
2020-09-10Update to match upstreamNathaniel Chin
2020-08-18Revert "Disable Tensorflow"nathanielcwm
2020-08-13Disable Tensorflownathanielcwm
2020-08-04Readd SVT-VP9 support.nathanielcwm
2020-07-03Readd svt-av1 supportNathaniel Chin
2020-06-20Fix pkgbuildNathaniel Chin
2020-06-20Temporarily disable svtav1 supportNathaniel Chin
2020-06-10Bump versionNathaniel Chin
2020-06-10Fix svt_av1 checksumNathaniel Chin
2020-06-07Implement fixes from upstreamNathaniel Chin
2020-05-15Remove SVT VP9 supportnathanielcwm
2020-04-22fix buildnathanielcwm
2020-04-15Update gitignorenathanielcwm
2020-04-12Backport build fixes from ffmpeg-full-gitnathanielcwm
2020-04-09Remove doxygen from conflictsnathanielcwm
2020-04-08Add git version of svt-av1 as conflictnathanielcwm
2020-04-08Revert "Remove Tensorflow Support"nathanielcwm
2020-04-08Remove Tensorflow Supportnathanielcwm
2020-04-08Fix Sphinxbasenathanielcwm
2020-04-08Add gitignorenathanielcwm
2020-04-08Forgot to add .SRCINFOnathanielcwm
2020-04-08update codecs and stuff to truly be fullnathanielcwm
2020-04-08Update Contributorsnathanielcwm
2020-04-08Add avisynthplus to dependanciesnathanielcwm
2019-10-06Updated maintainerMarko Korhonen
2019-10-06Removed omx-rpi, added extra cflags for tensorflowMarko Korhonen
2019-04-20fix git link typoBruno M Filipe
2019-04-19remove libndiBruno M Filipe
2019-02-10workaround OBS segfault disabling libsrtBruno Filipe
2019-01-24deps: xavs2-git to xavs and libmysofa to libmysofa-gitBruno Filipe
2018-11-24fix build - deps: removing libsmbclient for nowBruno Filipe
2018-11-24updated pkgver + deps: davs2-git -> davs2Bruno Filipe
2018-11-20fix pkgverBruno Filipe
2018-11-20fix pkgverBruno Filipe
2018-11-20Initial commitBruno Filipe