AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-14Version update to '6.1.1' and changes to be more in line with the 'extra repo...lapicidae
2023-11-21upgpkg: ffmpeg-headless 1:6.1-1Magnus Boman
2023-10-13upgpkg: ffmpeg-headless 1:6.0-3Magnus Boman
2023-08-06upgpkg: ffmpeg-headless 1:6.0-2Magnus Boman
2023-02-28upgpkg: ffmpeg-headless 1:6.0-1Magnus Boman
2023-01-31upgpkg: ffmpeg-headless 1:5.1.2-2: fix build with latest vulkan-headersMagnus Boman
2022-10-01upgpkg: ffmpeg-headless 1:5.1.2-1Magnus Boman
2022-09-01upgpkg: ffmpeg-headless 1:5.1.1-1Magnus Boman
2022-07-23upgpkg: ffmpeg-headless 1:5.1-1Magnus Boman
2022-06-16upgpkg: ffmpeg-headless 1:5.0.1-3Magnus Boman
2022-05-11upgpkg: ffmpeg-headless 1:5.0.1-2Magnus Boman
2022-04-05upgpkg: ffmpeg-headless 1:5.0.1-1Magnus Boman
2021-11-06update to 4.4.1Daniel Tobias
2021-11-044.3.3Daniel Tobias
2021-03-064.3.2Daniel Tobias
2020-07-204.3.1Daniel Tobias
2020-05-27build fixDaniel Tobias
2020-05-27ffmpeg 4.2.3Daniel Tobias
2020-02-12libva-headless also doesn't provide libva-drm.soDaniel Tobias
2020-02-12small fix to work with libva-headlessDaniel Tobias
2020-02-12update to 4.2.2Daniel Tobias
2019-08-14disable dav1d for now, pulls in SDL2 and X depsDaniel Tobias
2019-08-084.2 updateDaniel Tobias
2019-07-214.1.4Daniel Tobias
2019-05-06upstream 4.1.3Daniel Tobias
2019-03-28upstream 4.1.2Daniel Tobias
2019-02-11upstream 4.1.1Daniel Tobias
2018-11-26regenerate .SRCINFODaniel Tobias
2018-11-07upstream 4.1, and resync with core ffmpeg packageDaniel Tobias
2018-07-21upstream 4.0.2Daniel Tobias
2018-07-16add support for AV1Daniel Tobias
2018-07-02upstream 4.0.1Daniel Tobias
2018-05-21upstream updateDaniel Tobias
2018-05-13simply use 'libva' instead of library name, consistant with other AUR packagesDaniel Tobias
2018-05-13don't explicitly depend on libva-headless, let the user decideDaniel Tobias
2018-03-01add libxml2 dependency, already pulled in by libbluray anywayDaniel Tobias
2018-02-12upstream 3.4.2Daniel Tobias
2018-01-16bump pkrel to force rebuild against libx264Daniel Tobias
2017-12-22add patch included in base packageDaniel Tobias
2017-12-22resync with base packageDaniel Tobias
2017-12-21force rebuild for x265Daniel Tobias
2017-12-13upstream 3.4.1 updateDaniel Tobias
2017-10-29update patch to support openjpeg 2.3Daniel Tobias
2017-10-29upstream 3.3.5Daniel Tobias
2017-09-15upstream 3.3.4Daniel Tobias
2017-09-04openjpeg 2.2 build fixDaniel Tobias
2017-08-03upstream 3.3.3 updateDaniel Tobias
2017-08-03tabs to spaces, reoder options to match extraDaniel Tobias
2017-07-16remove hardening wrapper, following changes in extraDaniel Tobias
2017-06-12upsteam 3.3.2 updateDaniel Tobias