AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-03ffmpeg6 here and ffmpeg4.4 in separate packageEric Woudstra
2023-02-14Add dependancy sndioEric Woudstra
2023-02-14Bump to ffmpeg 5.1.2Eric Woudstra
2023-02-08Fix build from chroot with different archEric Woudstra
2022-12-20Add provides ffmpeg4.4Eric Woudstra
2022-10-29Remove patchEric Woudstra
2022-10-28Move on to ffmpeg version 4.4.1Eric Woudstra
2022-09-25FFmpeg with v4l2-request and drmprimeEric Woudstra
2020-02-15Added --enable-pic configure flagAndre Vallestero
2020-02-14Kwiboo ffmpeg fork with v4l2 request supportAndre Vallestero