AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-10some text cleanup, no version bumpRoman Vasilev
2020-10-07making jre11-openjdk + java11-openjfx to work without throwing errorsRoman Vasilev
2020-10-07Revert JRE to jre11-openjdk + java11-openjfxRoman Vasilev
2020-10-07Fix liberica mistype, /usr/bin/filebot is just a symlink from nowRoman Vasilev
2020-10-06Use liberica-jre-11-full>=11 as JRE fixes #12. Use of author provided launche...Roman Vasilev
2020-10-044.9.2Roman Vasilev
2020-09-25Should Close #11, could be used with java + openjfx starting from version 11Roman Vasilev
2020-09-25Merge branch 'master' of into developRoman Vasilev
2020-09-25Removes -Dsun.java2d.opengl=true from start options, Fixes #10Roman Vasilev
2020-09-25Removes from start options, Fixes #7Roman Vasilev
2020-09-22Updated for liberica-jre-11-full-bin, closes #9Roman Vasilev
2020-09-16java-p7zip-binding dependency removed. Fixes #7Roman Vasilev
2020-05-04Changed icon placement for KDE compatibilityRoman Vasilev
2019-10-25Minor changes in install scriptRoman Vasilev
2019-09-09Closes #6, javaRoman Vasilev
2019-08-22Fixes #6 : Dependency of wrong java-openjfx versionRoamn
2019-08-04Wrong checksum fixRoamn
2019-08-04Fix Graphical corruption + version bumpRoamn
2019-08-04Merge pull request #5 from BlackenedSky84/masterRoman
2019-07-25Fix Graphical corruptionBlackenedSky84
2019-04-17fixed unmatching checksum, upstream r6224Roman Vasilev
2018-12-114.8.5 betaRoman
2018-11-27Merge pull request #2 from rednoah/patch-1Roman
2018-11-28Update pkgdesc, license and optdependsReinhard Pointner
2018-11-13Not published 4.8.2Roman
2018-11-13Diversion of filebot-git packageRoman
2018-11-11Adopted the packageRoman
2018-11-11Changes to build and run with Java 8Roman
2018-10-03missing makedepmax.bra
2018-09-17deps updatemax.bra
2018-09-12pwd change removedmax.bra
2018-09-06back to java8max.bra
2018-08-29v. 4.8.4max.bra
2018-04-21v. 4.8.1max.bra
2018-04-15hint followedmax.bra
2018-04-06api keys addedmax.bra
2018-03-25new project urlmax.bra
2018-03-25wrong contributor, sorry nadolphmax.bra
2018-03-23added jdk as make depmax.bra
2018-03-22v. 4.8.0max.bra
2017-06-10md5sum mismatch, again.max.bra
2017-06-07md5sum mismatchmax.bra
2017-04-03v. 4.7.9max.bra
2017-02-20ver. 4.7.8max.bra
2017-01-17new jna restore way, againmax.bra
2017-01-13jna access restored IImax.bra
2017-01-12jna access restored. no more any arch. x86, x86_64 and armv7h only.max.bra
2017-01-06disabled GVFSmax.bra