AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-30Closes #28, revert xdg-mime default filemanager so filebot will not take overRoman Vasilev
2024-03-09Closes #26, force xwayland to workaround GUI glitchRoman Vasilev
2024-03-09Merge pull request #25 from bermeitinger-b/masterRoman
2024-03-04Update to 5.1.3Bernhard Bermeitinger
2024-02-18Minor .install fixRoman Vasilev
2024-02-13Merge branch 'bermeitinger-b-master'Roman Vasilev
2024-02-09Cleanup: Remove openjfx, depend on latest java, cleanupBernhard Bermeitinger
2023-11-09v5.1.2Roman Vasilev
2023-09-03v5.1.1Roman Vasilev
2023-05-23v5.0.3Roman Vasilev
2023-04-21CleanupRoman Vasilev
2023-04-21Added contributorRoman Vasilev
2023-04-21Update dependencies to Java 17Roman Vasilev
2023-04-21Update from upstream debian packageRoman Vasilev
2023-04-21Merge pull request #20 from bermeitinger-b/update-5.0.2Roman
2023-04-21Update to 5.0.2Bernhard Bermeitinger
2023-03-31Merge tag 'v5.0.1' into developRoman Vasilev
2023-03-31Update to v5.0.1Roman Vasilev
2023-03-31Update to v5.0.1Roman Vasilev
2022-03-04Merge pull request #19 from bermeitinger-b/masterRoman
2022-03-04Update to 4.9.6Bernhard Bermeitinger
2022-03-03Merge pull request #18 from bermeitinger-b/masterRoman
2022-03-03Merge upstream updateBernhard Bermeitinger
2022-03-02v4.9.5Roman Vasilev
2022-02-26Update to 4.9.5Bernhard Bermeitinger
2021-08-26Remove src leftoverRoman Vasilev
2021-08-25v4.9.4Roman Vasilev
2021-03-03v4.9.3-1Roman Vasilev
2021-03-03v4.9.3Roman Vasilev
2021-03-03Merge pull request #17 from Dashon1/update-to-4.9.3Roman
2021-03-01This is just a quick update to version 4.9.3Dashon1
2021-01-20Updated for compatibility. It's a quirk-fix for now.Roman Vasilev
2020-10-10some text cleanup, no version bumpRoman Vasilev
2020-10-07making jre11-openjdk + java11-openjfx to work without throwing errorsRoman Vasilev
2020-10-07Revert JRE to jre11-openjdk + java11-openjfxRoman Vasilev
2020-10-07Fix liberica mistype, /usr/bin/filebot is just a symlink from nowRoman Vasilev
2020-10-06Use liberica-jre-11-full>=11 as JRE fixes #12. Use of author provided launche...Roman Vasilev
2020-10-044.9.2Roman Vasilev
2020-09-25Should Close #11, could be used with java + openjfx starting from version 11Roman Vasilev
2020-09-25Merge branch 'master' of into developRoman Vasilev
2020-09-25Removes -Dsun.java2d.opengl=true from start options, Fixes #10Roman Vasilev
2020-09-25Removes from start options, Fixes #7Roman Vasilev
2020-09-22Updated for liberica-jre-11-full-bin, closes #9Roman Vasilev
2020-09-16java-p7zip-binding dependency removed. Fixes #7Roman Vasilev
2020-05-04Changed icon placement for KDE compatibilityRoman Vasilev
2019-10-25Minor changes in install scriptRoman Vasilev
2019-09-09Closes #6, javaRoman Vasilev
2019-08-22Fixes #6 : Dependency of wrong java-openjfx versionRoamn