AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysCorrecting sha512sums for i686 and x86_64 on 57.0b1Andrew Crerar
4 daysUpdating shasums and version for release 57.0b1Andrew Crerar
7 daysUpdate shasums and bump to 56.0b12Andrew Crerar
9 daysPKGBUILD: Version bump to b11andrewSC
10 daysNew release version bumpandrewSC
2017-09-06updating dependencies, bumping versionandrewSC
2017-08-30Updated srcurl, removed pgpkey validation in place of using sha512sumsandrewSC
2017-08-30Updating source URLs, pkg version, .srcinfoandrewSC
2017-04-15Fix icon namesJohn D Jones III
2017-04-03Yet even more typographical tomfoolery...John D Jones III
2017-04-03Heh, more typographical tomfooleryJohn D Jones III
2017-04-03Heh, typographical tomfooleryJohn D Jones III
2017-04-02Implement all of ArchangeGabriel's adviceJohn D Jones III
2017-03-20Update to 54John D Jones III
2017-02-10App opt dep for pulseaudioJohn D Jones III
2017-02-07Update to 53John D Jones III
2016-11-28NextJohn D Jones III
2016-10-26gtk3John D Jones III
2016-10-01Update to 51John D Jones III
2016-09-20Heh, fix sha512sumJohn D Jones III
2016-09-18Try the new MIME TypeJohn D Jones III
2016-08-11Rel bump to force upgrade for security fixJohn D Jones III
2016-08-0450a2John D Jones III
2016-06-1349John D Jones III
2016-04-2948.0a2John D Jones III
2016-03-13Update to 47John D Jones III
2016-01-27Update to 46John D Jones III
2015-12-21Force commitJohn D Jones III
2015-12-21Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git:// D Jones III
2015-12-21Update to 45John D Jones III
2015-12-21Update to 45John D Jones III
2015-12-14Fix the .desktop as requestedJohn D Jones III
2015-11-30SKIP sum checksJohn D Jones III
2015-11-26Update to 44.0a2John D Jones III
2015-10-18Chasing upstreamStefan Auditor
2015-10-16Chasing upstreamStefan Auditor
2015-10-14Fix up version number formatStefan Auditor
2015-10-14Switch to a date based versioning schemeStefan Auditor
2015-10-14Add skip again and bumpStefan Auditor
2015-10-14Bump pkgrelStefan Auditor
2015-10-14Skip file check as checksum changes apparently daily whithout version changeStefan Auditor
2015-10-12Add dotsStefan Auditor
2015-09-23update to 43.Daniele Formichelli
2015-08-17update to 42Daniele Formichelli
2015-07-01Updated to version 41.0a2Daniele Formichelli
2015-06-09Initial importDaniele Formichelli