AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-02Accommodate filename changed upstreamClaudia Pellegrino
2022-03-07Update maintainer statusClaudia Pellegrino
2022-03-06Fix accidental dep on locale, thanks user @shackraClaudia Pellegrino
2021-12-20Symlink everything we can find in /usr/lib/firefoxClaudia Pellegrino
2021-11-09Fix namcap error (missing url)Claudia Pellegrino
2021-11-09Add .gitignoreClaudia Pellegrino
2021-11-09Version bump.root
2021-07-29* Changed license of this package to public domain,root
2021-07-29Version bump.root
2020-05-27bumping $pkgver.felics
2019-02-14Added symlinks also for icons and .desktop-filefelics
2019-02-05Initial Commitfelics