AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-17Update to 121.0.1-1Björn Bidar
2023-12-16Update to 120.0.1-1Björn Bidar
2023-11-20Fix quoting when applying patchesBjörn Bidar
2023-11-07Update to 119.0.1-1Björn Bidar
2023-11-07Update to 118.0.2-1Björn Bidar
2023-09-20Update to 117.0-1Björn Bidar
2023-03-23Update to 111.0-1Björn Bidar
2022-11-19Update to 107.0-1Björn Bidar
2022-11-12Update to 106.0.5-1Björn Bidar
2022-09-17Update to 104.0.2-1Björn Bidar
2022-08-11Update to 103.0.1-1Björn Bidar
2022-06-25Update to 101.0.1-1Björn Bidar
2022-05-21Update to 100.0.2-1Björn Bidar
2022-05-19Update to 99.0.1-2Björn Bidar
2022-05-03Fix checksumBjörn Bidar
2022-04-30Update to 99.0.1-1Björn Bidar
2022-03-06Update to 97.0.1-1Björn Bidar
2022-01-02Update to 95.0.2-1Björn Bidar
2021-11-26Update to 94.0.2Björn Bidar
2021-11-16Update to 94.0-1Björn Bidar
2021-10-23Update to 93.0-1Björn Bidar
2021-10-12Fix checksums, fixes #16Björn Bidar
2021-10-03Update to 92.0.1Björn Bidar
2021-09-07Update to 91.0.2-1Björn Bidar
2021-08-21Update to 91.0.1-1Björn Bidar
2021-08-21Update to 89.0.2-1Björn Bidar
2021-06-02Change package url from obs to GitHub to avoid confusionBjörn Bidar
2021-05-21Update to 88.0.1-1Björn Bidar
2021-04-30Update to 88.0.1-1Björn Bidar
2021-04-20Add Readme file to avoid repeating questions and solve issues easierBjörn Bidar
2021-04-18Update to 87.0-2Björn Bidar
2021-04-03Update to 87.0-1Björn Bidar
2021-03-21Update to 86.0.1-1Björn Bidar
2021-03-06Update t0 86.0-1Björn Bidar
2021-02-14Update to 85.0.2-1Björn Bidar
2021-01-11Update to 84.0.2-1Björn Bidar
2021-01-03Update to 84.0.1-1Björn Bidar
2020-12-25Update to 83.0-2Björn Bidar
2020-12-25Update to 83.0-1Björn Bidar
2020-10-25Update to 81.0.2-1Björn Bidar
2020-10-03Update to 81.0.1-1Björn Bidar
2020-09-26UpkgBjörn Bidar
2020-09-02UpkgBjörn Bidar
2020-08-27UpkgBjörn Bidar
2020-07-30UpkgBjörn Bidar
2020-07-11UpkgBjörn Bidar
2020-07-04UrelBjörn Bidar
2020-07-01UpkgBjörn Bidar
2020-07-01Merge branch 'firefox78'Björn Bidar
2020-07-01UpkgBjörn Bidar