AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-09upgpkg: firefox-nightly 62.0a1.20180509-1Bruno Pagani
2018-03-13upgpkg: firefox-nightly 61.0a1.20180312-1Bruno Pagani
2018-01-23…and thus the hash in PKGBUILDBruno Pagani
2018-01-23Fix .desktopBruno Pagani
2018-01-23upgpkg: firefox-nightly 60.0a1.20180123-1Bruno Pagani
2017-11-14Fix icons installation to follow new schemeBruno Pagani
2017-11-13upgpkg: firefox-nightly 59.0a1.20171113-1Bruno Pagani
2017-09-24upgpkg: firefox-nightly 58.0a1.20170924-1Bruno Pagani
2017-08-03upgpkg: firefox-nightly 57.0a1.20170802-1Bruno Pagani
2017-07-21Fix pkgver() for real this timeBruno Pagani
2017-07-21Fix pkgver and i686Bruno Pagani
2017-07-20upgpkg: firefox-nightly 56.0a1.20170720-1Bruno Pagani
2017-06-13New release cycle: 56Bruno Pagani
2017-05-19Make GTK2 an optdep.Bruno Pagani
2017-05-14Make startup-notifications optional, fix typo in .desktop fileBruno Pagani
2017-04-17Update from -fr package.Bruno Pagani
2017-03-11Update firefox versionXenom
2017-02-11remove checksum, use signed tarballXenom
2017-01-24Update to version 54Xenom
2017-01-16remove useless pkgnameXenom
2016-11-16Commit new SRCINFOXenom
2016-11-16Update to version 53Xenom
2016-09-20new firefox versionXenom
2016-08-04Update to version 51Xenom
2016-06-11Update versionXenom
2016-06-04Fix pkgrel version in .SRCINFOXenom
2016-06-04Changes in PKGBUILDXenom
2016-05-01Update to version 49Xenom
2016-03-08Update to version 48Xenom
2016-01-27Update to version 47Xenom
2015-12-19Add srcinfoXenom
2015-12-19Update to v 46Xenom
2015-11-05Update version and source urlXenom
2015-10-09fix bad shasumXenom
2015-10-09Update sha512 sums in packageXenom
2015-10-09Fix desktop filesXenom
2015-09-29Update to 44.0Xenom
2015-08-23version 43 + modification for signatureXenom
2015-08-01Remove StartUpWMClass from desktop files (gnome-shell problem)Xenom
2015-07-27Add StartupWMClass in desktop files and update GPG keyXenom
2015-07-27Add gtk3 dependencyXenom
2015-07-03Update srcinfoXenom
2015-07-03New version and version date fixXenom
2015-06-24fix url (architecture change in PKGBUILD)Xenom
2015-06-15Initial commitXenom