AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-22update to version 72Cyano Hao
2019-10-05update to version 71Cyano Hao
2019-03-19update to version 68Cyano Hao
2019-01-29update to version 67Cyano Hao
2018-12-12update to version 66Cyano Hao
2018-10-31update to version 65Cyano Hao
2018-09-19update to version 64Cyano Hao
2018-08-04fix checksumCyano Hao
2018-08-02fix auto update disablerCyano Hao
2018-06-27update to version 63Cyano Hao
2018-05-09update to version 62Cyano Hao
2018-03-14update to version 61Cyano Hao
2018-01-23update to version 60Cyano Hao
2017-11-18fix icon issueCyano Hao
2017-11-13update to version 59Cyano Hao
2017-09-24minor updateCyano Hao
2017-09-23fix pkgverCyano Hao
2017-09-23fix pkgverCyano Hao
2017-09-23fix pkgverCyano Hao
2017-09-22new policy for pkgver; makepkg will always look for latest buildCyano Hao
2017-09-22update to version 58Cyano Hao
2017-08-02update to version 57Cyano Hao
2017-07-31minor update, add a script for updating source filesCyano Hao
2017-07-28adjust directory structureCyano Hao
2017-07-28minor updateCyano Hao
2017-07-27initial commit, fork form AUR:firefox-nightlyCyano Hao