AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-20Update to PassFF 1.6.3Willem Mulder
2018-09-04Update to PassFF 1.5.1Willem Mulder
2018-08-24Update to PassFF 1.5Willem Mulder
2018-07-04Update PassFF to 1.4Willem Mulder
2018-04-09Update for PassFF 1.3Willem Mulder
2018-03-28Update to PassFF 1.3b, depend on passff-hostWillem Mulder
2018-01-09Update to PassFF 1.1Willem Mulder
2017-10-24Add pass to dependenciesWillem Mulder
2017-10-19Update (make) dependencies and noextractWillem Mulder
2017-10-19Update package to passff 1.0.3linuxWillem Mulder
2017-01-11Use the right AMO file IDWillem Mulder
2017-01-11Get actually signed addon from MozillaWillem Mulder
2017-01-11Firefox requires addons to be signed...Willem Mulder
2017-01-11Initial commitWillem Mulder