AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
35 hours[firefox-vaapi] Update to 127.0D. Can Celasun
2024-05-22[firefox-vaapi] Update to 126.0D. Can Celasun
2024-05-10[firefox-vaapi] Add patch for building with Rust 1.78.0D. Can Celasun
2024-05-10[firefox-vaapi] Update to 125.0.3D. Can Celasun
2024-02-10122.0.1-1Ewout van Mansom
2024-01-27122.0-1Ewout van Mansom
2024-01-10121.0.1Ewout van Mansom
2024-01-09add wayland proxyEwout van Mansom
2023-12-20121.0-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-12-01120.0.1-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-11-22120.0-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-11-07119.0.1-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-10-24119.0-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-10-11118.0.2-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-10-01118.0.1-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-09-27118.0-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-09-17117.0.1-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-09-05update NOVIDEO patchEwout van Mansom
2023-09-05117.0-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-08-17116.0.3-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-08-05116.0.1-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-08-01116.0-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-08-01115.0.3-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-07-12115.0.2-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-07-08115.0.1-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-07-05115.0-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-06-22bump pkgrelEwout van Mansom
2023-06-22remove comment in nvidia patchEwout van Mansom
2023-06-22include nvidia patchesEwout van Mansom
2023-06-21114.0.2-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-06-10114.0.1-1 + FS#62909 + revert FS#70432Ewout van Mansom
2023-06-07114.0-1 + upstream desktop and metainfo files (FS#70432)Ewout van Mansom
2023-05-24113.0.2-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-05-13113.0.1-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-05-09113.0-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-04-28include wayland patch for bug #1803016Ewout van Mansom
2023-04-25112.0.2-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-04-25add upload-symbol-archiveEwout van Mansom
2023-04-25112.0.1-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-04-12update to 112.0-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-03-22update to 111.0.1Ewout van Mansom
2023-03-15remove merged patches and update to 111Ewout van Mansom
2023-03-11patches for FS#77796 and FS#77805Ewout van Mansom
2023-03-09110.0.1-2: add patch for ffmpeg 6.0Ewout van Mansom
2023-03-02.asc to GitignoreRustmilian
2023-03-02Better GitignoreRustmilian
2023-03-02110.0.1-1Ewout van Mansom
2023-02-24initial commitEwout van Mansom