AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-21Update to Swanson
2023-12-15Update to Swanson
2023-11-30Update to Swanson
2023-08-15Update to Swanson
2023-01-16Update to Swanson
2022-09-17Update to Swanson
2022-07-27Update to Swanson
2022-03-23update SRCINFO (oops)Mike Swanson
2022-03-23Update to Swanson
2022-02-15Remove gconf dependency and add libxcrypt-compat dependencyMike Swanson
2021-08-07Update to Swanson
2021-03-16Update to Swanson
2020-12-10Update to Swanson
2020-07-09optdepends on lib32-gst-plugins-good for voiceMike Swanson
2020-05-29Update to Swanson
2019-10-01Update to Swanson
2019-07-16Update to Swanson
2019-02-19Update to Swanson
2018-11-12optdepends on lib32-libidn11Mike Swanson
2018-11-10Mark helper scripts as executable, should allow external browser useMike Swanson
2018-07-27Update to Swanson
2018-01-25Update to Swanson
2017-06-21Update to Swanson
2017-02-08Update optdepends to current equivalents.Mike Swanson
2016-12-14Update to Swanson
2016-08-08Update to Swanson
2016-06-14Stop using the games groupMike Swanson
2016-05-31Fix DRI path (again), make it actually games-group-only.Mike Swanson
2016-03-17Update to Swanson
2015-11-18Update to Swanson
2015-08-18Update to Swanson
2015-07-12Fix the loading of 32-bit DRI modules on 64-bit OSes.Mike Swanson
2015-05-03Update firestorm-bin to Swanson
2014-12-13firestorm-bin: Add [lib32-]nvidia-libgl as an optdependsMike Swanson
2014-12-12Update firestorm-bin to Swanson
2014-12-11Update firestorm-bin to Swanson
2014-08-17Update firestorm-bin to Swanson
2014-06-14firestorm-bin: add some more dependenciesMike Swanson
2014-05-12firestorm: add lib32-libidn as a depends for 64-bitMike Swanson
2014-05-12Update firestorm-bin to Swanson
2014-03-13Update Firestorm to Swanson
2013-11-09Update firestorm to Swanson
2013-07-01Update Firestorm to 4.4.2Mike Swanson
2013-06-26Update Firestorm to 4.4.1Mike Swanson
2013-05-29Update Firestorm to Swanson
2012-12-03Update firestorm to Swanson
2012-12-03Initial commitMike Swanson