AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-07upgpkg: fish-fzf 10.3-1Kirill Isakov
2023-11-07upgpkg: fish-fzf 10.2-1Kirill Isakov
2023-11-06upgpkg: fish-fzf 10.1-1Kirill Isakov
2023-08-22upgpkg: fish-fzf 10.0-1Kirill Isakov
2023-08-21upgpkg: fish-fzf 9.10-1Kirill Isakov
2023-07-12upgpkg: fish-fzf 9.9-1Kirill Isakov
2023-06-20upgpkg: fish-fzf 9.8-1Kirill Isakov
2023-04-24update to 9.7Luis Martinez
2022-10-24update to 9.5Luis Martinez
2022-10-11update to 9.4Luis Martinez
2022-09-26update to 9.3Luis Martinez
2022-08-11update to 9.2Luis Martinez
2022-07-19update to 9.1Luis Martinez
2022-06-13update to 9.0Luis Martinez
2022-04-19update to 8.3Luis Martinez
2022-03-19update to 8.2Luis Martinez
2022-01-31update to 8.1Luis Martinez
2022-01-29update to 8.0Luis Martinez
2022-01-15update to 7.5Luis Martinez
2021-12-01update to 7.4Luis Martinez
2021-11-02add warning to optdepends descriptions for search featureLuis Martinez
2021-09-24update to 7.3Luis Martinez
2021-07-18update to 7.2Luis Martinez
2021-06-26update to 7.1Luis Martinez
2021-06-11using epoch is a very bad ideaLuis Martinez
2021-06-11fix version change from upstreamLuis Martinez
2021-06-11update to 7Luis Martinez
2021-06-10bump pkgrel due to upstream release reusing current tagLuis Martinez
2021-06-01update to 6.5Luis Martinez
2021-05-16update to 6.4Luis Martinez
2021-05-07update to 6.3Luis Martinez
2021-03-31update to 6.2lmartinez-mirror
2021-03-05initial commitLuis Martinez