AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-02-04chore: update authorEvelyn Marie
2022-02-04chore: bring pkg into aur complianceEvelyn Marie
2020-05-26Re-added flac to provides.Kamran Mackey
2020-05-23Updated provides, removed support for 32-bit.Kamran Mackey
2020-05-23Updated upstream URL.Kamran Mackey
2020-05-23Fix git link in the .SRCINFO file. Whoops.Kamran Mackey
2020-05-23Manually update .SRCINFO.Kamran Mackey
2020-05-23Updated git source & added support for ARM64.Kamran Mackey
2018-02-11Update .SRCINFO.Kamran Mackey
2018-02-11Try and fix documentaton installs.Kamran Mackey
2016-07-04Updated .SRCINFO and package versionKamran Mackey
2016-07-04Added a new configure option "--disable-sse"Kamran Mackey
2015-12-22Initial commit!Kamran Mackey