AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-30fix errorszxp19821005
2023-11-21update to 12.1zxp19821005
2023-11-21update to 12.1zxp19821005
2021-02-07Minor typo (bump pkgrel to 2 for update the optdep)HeartsDo
2021-02-07Update to 8.2 by using the Debian packageHeartsDo
2020-01-22Fix src download linkColin Berry
2019-12-16Rollback to working pkgbuildColin Berry
2019-11-30I forgot a close parenoshaboy
2019-11-30Changed md5 hash to sha256 hash. Added oshaboy as maintainer. removed unessec...oshaboy
2019-11-13Correct dependenciesColin Berry
2019-11-13Fix descColin Berry
2019-11-13Flashpoint Infinity 6.3Colin Berry