AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 days2.20.27redfish
2019-04-25update to 2.20.22redfish
2019-03-02update to 2.20.7redfish
2019-02-11package: cleanup previous buildredfish
2019-02-10service: add multi-instance service fileredfish
2019-01-31update to 2.18.12redfish
2018-11-18update to 2.17.12redfish
2018-09-19update to 2.14.21redfish
2018-08-18update to 2.14.16redfish
2017-05-21Bump to 2.10.48 + fix dependency to guessitSébastien Leduc
2017-03-14Bump to 2.10.14Sébastien Leduc
2017-02-18Bump to 2.10.1Sébastien Leduc
2017-02-05Bump to 2.9.15Sébastien Leduc
2017-01-01bump to 2.8.14Sébastien Leduc
2016-12-14Update to 2.8.4Sébastien Leduc
2016-10-08Bump to 2.3.41Sébastien Leduc
2016-09-25Update to 2.3.33Sébastien Leduc
2016-08-16Update to 2.2.20Sébastien Leduc
2016-06-19forgot srcinfoSébastien Leduc
2016-06-19update to 2.0.48Sébastien Leduc
2016-03-18Fix dependency to restplusSébastien Leduc
2016-03-18Bump to 1.2.491 and fix version of python2-flask-restplus to 0.8.6Sébastien Leduc
2016-03-13Bump to 1.2.481Sébastien Leduc
2016-01-24Forgot to update .SRCINFO in last commitSébastien Leduc
2016-01-24Organize dependencies to match upstream order + remove useless li...Sébastien Leduc
2016-01-24Bump flexget to 1.2.436Sébastien Leduc
2015-12-12Bump to 1.2.405Sébastien Leduc
2015-12-06Bump to 1.2.401Sébastien Leduc
2015-11-15Bump to 1.2.388Sébastien Leduc
2015-11-08Bump to 1.2.383Sébastien Leduc
2015-11-01Forgot to update SRCINFO in previous commit...Sébastien Leduc
2015-11-01Bump to 1.2.378Sébastien Leduc
2015-10-22Bump to 1.2.369Sébastien Leduc
2015-10-18bump to 1.2.366Sébastien Leduc
2015-10-18Bump to 1.2.364Sébastien Leduc
2015-10-16Bump to 1.2.362Sébastien Leduc
2015-10-11bump to 1.2.359Sébastien Leduc
2015-10-07Bump flexget to 1.2.359Sébastien Leduc
2015-10-02Bump to 1.2.357Sébastien Leduc
2015-09-23Bump to 1.2.355Sébastien Leduc
2015-09-18Bump to 1.2.353Sébastien Leduc
2015-09-17Bump to 1.2.352Sébastien Leduc
2015-09-16Bump to 1.2.351 + add patch to bypass the requirement beautifulsoup4 < 4.4Sébastien Leduc
2015-09-12Update flexget to 1.2.350Sébastien Leduc
2015-09-06Bump to 1.2.349Sébastien Leduc
2015-09-06Fix max version for guessit as done inébastien Leduc
2015-09-05Bump flexget to 1.2.348Sébastien Leduc
2015-08-20Bump to 1.2.346Sébastien Leduc
2015-08-16Bump to 1.2.345Sébastien Leduc
2015-08-08Bump to 1.2.344Sébastien Leduc