AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-12version bumpMax
2019-04-12switch to head buildsMax
2019-03-02update to 2.20.7redfish
2019-02-11package: cleanup previous buildredfish
2019-02-10contributors: added myselfredfish
2019-02-10service: use unescaped instance nameredfish
2019-02-10reverting due to instabilityMax
2019-02-10version revert to 2.19.5Max
2019-02-10version bump to 2.19.6Max
2019-02-05update to 2.18.13redfish
2018-12-29version bump 2.17.22Max
2018-12-29version bump 2.17.22Max
2018-12-12build off tags, this way i can hold versions back if they are brokenMax
2018-12-11updating maintainerMax
2018-12-11updated due to PRs being merged that this script manually patchesMax
2018-12-08fixed rpyc signature issues - patches are pending PRs for thisMax
2018-12-08sorry about that... works now.Max
2018-12-08python3.7 compatibilityMax
2018-08-29fix for Python 3.7Cedric Girard
2018-06-29Upstream is now at 2.14Cedric Girard
2018-04-17python-zxcvbn is now zxcvbnCedric Girard
2018-03-05new upstream version with updated guessit and rebulk depCedric Girard
2018-02-04update to 2.12.xCedric Girard
2017-12-11switch to Python 3Cedric Girard
2017-11-20update to 2.11Cedric Girard
2017-10-19forgot to update SRCINFOCedric Girard
2017-10-19there is two UI version for the time beingCedric Girard
2017-08-23updated depsCedric Girard
2017-03-21new minor version 2.10Cedric Girard
2017-01-20new upstream version 2.9.7Cedric Girard
2016-11-22new upstream minor version 2.6.xCedric Girard
2016-11-07new dep version for flask-login and terminaltablesCedric Girard
2016-10-14switched from npm to yarnCedric Girard
2016-09-28new package version with updated dateutils dep verCedric Girard
2016-09-01new depsCedric Girard
2016-08-05works now with newer versions of python2-beautifulsoup4Cedric Girard
2016-07-28upstream: 2.1 -> 2.2Cedric Girard
2016-07-26new dep version constraintsCedric Girard
2016-07-04new upstream version with updated depCedric Girard
2016-05-09pytvmaze is no longer requiredCedric Girard
2016-05-02new upstream major releaseCedric Girard
2016-04-05some invalid deps versions excludedCedric Girard
2016-03-24increase pytvmaze requirementCedric Girard
2016-03-19python2-request min version increasedCedric Girard
2016-03-14remove tmdb3 depCedric Girard
2016-01-28several dependencies changeCedric Girard
2016-01-19guessit dep switched to 2.0Cedric Girard
2016-01-05new pytvmaze minimum versionCedric Girard
2015-12-17add checks, update beautifulsoup and pytvmaze dep versionCedric Girard
2015-12-03pytvmaze dependency updatedCedric Girard