AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-21fix for new buildMilkii Brewster
2020-03-22fix urlMilk Brewster
2020-01-21fix gtk3 depMilk Brewster
2019-11-28libpulse depMilk Brewster
2018-10-28update for 1.xMilk Brewster
2018-08-17move all compilation to build phaseMilk Brewster
2018-07-02add dos2unix depMilk Brewster
2018-06-29remove now unneeded patches to make filesMilk Brewster
2018-04-23build fxMilk
2018-04-15remove build files on finishMilk
2018-04-11fix spacingMilk
2018-04-11first commitMilk