AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-16Install icon in hicolor theme to allow customizationCorentin Cadiou
2023-09-06Bump to version 7.11.3Corentin Cadiou
2023-07-07Bump to version 7.10.4Corentin Cadiou
2023-06-06Bump to versoin 7.10.0Corentin Cadiou
2023-03-24Bump to versoin 7.9.2Corentin Cadiou
2023-02-17Bump to version 7.8.2Corentin Cadiou
2023-02-07Bump to version 7.7.0Corentin Cadiou
2022-12-28Update versionCorentin Cadiou
2022-11-08Update to v7.4.4Corentin Cadiou
2022-10-26Update to 7.4.3Corentin Cadiou
2022-08-07Update versionCorentin Cadiou
2022-07-27Bump versionCorentin Cadiou
2022-03-13Update to v0.15.0Corentin Cadiou
2022-02-18Update version + fixCorentin Cadiou
2022-01-26Update to v0.12.1Corentin Cadiou
2022-01-04Update SRCINFOCorentin Cadiou
2022-01-04Update to v0.11.0Corentin Cadiou
2021-12-07Install in /opt/Corentin Cadiou
2021-11-13Update to v0.10.0 (.SRCINFO)Corentin Cadiou
2021-11-13Update to v0.10.0Corentin Cadiou
2021-11-04Create own local folder and execute hereCorentin Cadiou
2021-11-04Remove useless commentCorentin Cadiou
2021-11-04Fix incorrect name of folderCorentin Cadiou
2021-11-04Setup for version 0.9.2Corentin Cadiou