AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-18Add the missing shebangFrançois Magimel
2016-09-01Remove old dependencies (pyogg and pyvorbis)François Magimel
2016-09-01Add a patch for the 'tostring' errorFrançois Magimel
2015-08-06Update the SRCINFO fileFrançois Magimel
2015-08-06Fix: add some manual patches to the version 3.121François Magimel
2015-07-09Update the SRCINFO fileFrançois Magimel
2015-07-09Fix: replace the build function with the package function & update pkgrelFrançois Magimel
2015-07-09Update the install file not to be executableFrançois Magimel
2015-07-09Update the syntax & GitHub url with the tarball source fileFrançois Magimel
2015-07-09Initial importFrançois Magimel