AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-28Build translation filesFrançois Magimel
2017-08-18Add the missing shebangFrançois Magimel
2016-09-01Update dependencies by removing old ones and using recent onesFrançois Magimel
2016-09-01Add python2-fretwork-git as a dependency & bump pkgrelFrançois Magimel
2015-08-28Bump pkgrel due to a new dependencyFrançois Magimel
2015-08-28Add python2-cerealizer as a dependencyFrançois Magimel
2015-07-09Delete the reference to $startdir (namcap error)François Magimel
2015-07-09Update the install file not to be executableFrançois Magimel
2015-07-09Update pkgver with the most recent un-annotated tagFrançois Magimel
2015-07-09Update the syntax & GitHub urlFrançois Magimel
2015-07-09Initial importFrançois Magimel