AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-05Switch to mirror. Link fixDominatorNSK
2021-05-05Switch to mirrorDominatorNSK
2020-11-27Update install script (.SRCINFO)PedroHLC
2020-11-27Update install scriptPedroHLC
2020-09-19Update patches for foo2zjs 20200917Marcin Jaworski
2020-09-19Update patches for foo2zjs 20200917Marcin Jaworski
2020-09-19Bump from yawor GitHubPedroHLC
2018-10-09Work around broken SYSTEMD_WANTS; run firmware loader directlyIvan Shapovalov
2018-10-09Bump; rebase patchesIvan Shapovalov
2018-09-02Retab; sort/uniq the extracted firmware file list to remove duplicate itemsIvan Shapovalov
2018-06-03Bump; fix nightly source checksum; rebase patches; fix a race in MakefileIvan Shapovalov
2018-05-11Bump; download firmware via source=() and not via getweb in prepare()Ivan Shapovalov
2018-03-30Bump, actually.Ivan Shapovalov
2018-03-30Bump; remove checksum check on a non-permalinked source tarball.Ivan Shapovalov
2017-12-08Bump to 20171202, disable blacklisting usblp as requestedIvan Shapovalov
2017-08-14PKGBUILD: use curl instead of wget, as reported by Shapovalov
2017-04-15Bump.Ivan Shapovalov
2017-03-26Bump to 20170325; rebase patches.Ivan Shapovalov
2017-03-24Bump to 20170320; rebase patches.Ivan Shapovalov
2016-12-04SKIP checksums on foo2zjs.tar.gz, bump.Ivan Shapovalov
2016-11-12Fix PKGBUILD after renaming.Ivan Shapovalov
2016-11-12Turn to -nightly.Ivan Shapovalov
2016-11-12Bump to 20161108.Ivan Shapovalov
2016-11-08Bump to 20161105.Ivan Shapovalov
2016-11-03Attempt to support empty serial numbers in the new hotplug mechanism #2Ivan Shapovalov
2016-11-03Attempt to support empty serial numbers in the new hotplug mechanismIvan Shapovalov
2016-10-23Finally fix new hotplug implementationIvan Shapovalov
2016-10-23Fix a few more thingsIvan Shapovalov
2016-10-23Fix a few more thingsIvan Shapovalov
2016-10-23Bump to 20161021; regenerate patches and completely rework firmware loadingIvan Shapovalov
2016-10-05PKGBUILD: download foo2zjs.tar.gz into a version-dependent location to avoid ...Ivan Shapovalov
2016-10-05Bump to 20161004-1.Ivan Shapovalov
2016-10-04PKGBUILD: actually this was a new version.Ivan Shapovalov
2016-10-04PKGBUILD: bump checksum and pkgrel just in case.Ivan Shapovalov
2016-10-04PKGBUILD: actually do precompile *.ppds, fix Makefiles for consistent usage o...Ivan Shapovalov
2016-10-04PKGBUILD: precompile *.ppd files at build time, do not install *.xmls and dec...Ivan Shapovalov
2016-09-20Bump to 20160902, refactor PKGBUILD.Ivan Shapovalov
2016-06-07updated patch file and sumspetres
2016-03-27disable checksumIvan Lyapunov
2016-02-1920160122Ivan Lyapunov
2016-02-1920160122Ivan Lyapunov
2015-11-12version upIvan Lyapunov
2015-10-2520151024Ivan Lyapunov
2015-10-2420151011Ivan Lyapunov
2015-10-10- initial commitIvan Lyapunov