AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-18Bump to 1.4.4Mario Finelli
2019-03-31Bump to 1.4.3Mario Finelli
2019-01-31Bump to 1.4.2Mario Finelli
2018-11-23Bump to 1.4.1Mario Finelli
2018-09-15Add StartupWMClass=foobar2000.exeMario Finelli
2018-08-06Bump to v1.4Mario Finelli
2017-11-26Bump to 1.3.17Mario Finelli
2017-08-14Bump to 1.3.16Mario Finelli
2017-05-04Bump to 1.3.15Mario Finelli
2016-12-28Bump to 1.3.14Mario Finelli
2016-12-12Exclude beta filesMario Finelli
2016-12-09Use 7z instead of unarchiverMario Finelli
2016-12-03Bump to 1.3.13Mario Finelli
2016-09-17Bump to 1.3.12Mario Finelli
2016-07-03Use DLAGENTS to download from proper sourceMario Finelli
2016-04-09Bump to version 1.3.10Mario Finelli
2015-11-23Bump to version 1.3.9Mario Finelli
2015-06-09Initial importMario Finelli