AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 hoursDon’t fail build if the tests in the PGO generate phase failsDaniel Eklöf
45 hoursRun tests in the PGO generate phaseDaniel Eklöf
4 daysUpdate to 1.7.2Daniel Eklöf
2021-03-28Bump to 1.7.1, add support for doing PGO builds with ClangDaniel Eklöf
2021-03-20Remove ‘ttf-dejavu’ check-dependency; we don’t build fcft as a subproje...Daniel Eklöf
2021-03-20Update to 1.7.0Daniel Eklöf
2021-02-14Add xdg-utils and libnotify as optional dependenciesDaniel Eklöf
2021-02-12Update to 1.6.4Daniel Eklöf
2021-02-06Add ttf-dejavu as a ‘check’ dependencyDaniel Eklöf
2021-01-30Update to 1.6.3Daniel Eklöf
2020-12-21Update to 1.6.2Daniel Eklöf
2020-12-21Update to 1.6.1Daniel Eklöf
2020-12-18Update to 1.6.0Daniel Eklöf
2020-12-02Update to 1.5.4Daniel Eklöf
2020-11-23Do a partial PGO build if there’s no running Wayland sessionDaniel Eklöf
2020-11-14Remove -fno-plt from CFLAGSDaniel Eklöf
2020-11-12Fix foot-terminfo dependency and add changelogDaniel Eklöf
2020-11-11Make foot-terminfo a hard dependency for footDaniel Eklöf
2020-11-06Update to 1.5.3Daniel Eklöf
2020-10-13Update to 1.5.2Daniel Eklöf
2020-10-11Update to 1.5.1Daniel Eklöf
2020-09-18Foot 1.5.0 has been released, and explicitly disabled text-shaping in fcftDaniel Eklöf
2020-09-16Disable fcft text-shaping testsDaniel Eklöf
2020-07-29Add freetype2 dependencyDaniel Eklöf
2020-07-29Update to 1.4.4Daniel Eklöf
2020-07-27Update to 1.4.3Daniel Eklöf
2020-07-23Update to 1.4.2Daniel Eklöf
2020-07-22Update to 1.4.1Daniel Eklöf
2020-07-22Update to 1.4.0Daniel Eklöf
2020-07-07add fontconfig dependencyDaniel Eklöf
2020-06-05Works on aarch64 tooDaniel Eklöf
2020-05-25Set "-O3 -fno-plt" explicitlyDaniel Eklöf
2020-05-13Update to 1.3.0Daniel Eklöf
2020-05-02utf8proc dependency has been removed from footDaniel Eklöf
2020-04-29require utf8proc and explicitly enable unicode combiningDaniel Eklöf
2020-04-24update package descriptionDaniel Eklöf
2020-03-06Sync .SRCINFODaniel Eklöf
2020-03-06Move conflicts/provides into sub package definitionsDaniel Eklöf
2020-03-06Initial PKGBUILDDaniel Eklöf