AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-29Update to 4.4.2334David Birks
2017-12-09- updated to 4.4.2333Fabio Hedayioglu
2017-11-02- fixed build versionFabio Hedayioglu
2017-11-02- Updated to version 4.4.2333Fabio Hedayioglu
2017-01-31PKGBUILD cleaned, user noticed to accept the license when installing or upgra...Michele Cereda
2017-01-30Updated to v4.4.2331Michele Cereda
2016-11-17Fixed a mistake in the codeMichele Cereda
2016-11-17Updated to version 4.4.2330, released on 2016-11-01Michele Cereda
2016-09-06updated to 4.4.2329Michele Cereda
2016-05-25Forgot .SRCINFOOlivier Bilodeau
2016-05-25New upstream release: 4.4.2327Olivier Bilodeau
2016-05-25Added gitignoreOlivier Bilodeau
2016-05-25packaging standard fixOlivier Bilodeau
2016-04-28Removed broad permissions. Tests Ok. Thanks phects for reporting!Olivier Bilodeau
2016-04-28New upstream version and dropped unrequired patch. Thanks michele.cereda!Olivier Bilodeau
2015-10-06Reupload of forticlientsslvpnAngel Velasquez