AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-02-18upgpkg: fpp-git 0.9.5.r0.g3670d02-1Thiago Perrotta
2021-05-30adopt, bump version to 0.9.2, remove spurious assetsThiago Perrotta
2018-11-22remove ruby dependingQuan Guo
2017-06-30Bump to 0.7.2Quan Guo
2016-08-31Bump to 0.7.1Quan Guo
2016-02-23Bump to version 0.70Quan Guo
2015-10-05Fixed the error in pkgver() for realQuan Guo
2015-10-05Fixed the error in pkgver()Quan Guo
2015-10-05Initial commitQuan Guo