AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-16Remove b_pie argumentPhilip Goto
2019-01-30Update URL and descriptionPhilip Goto
2019-01-21Disable PIEPhilip Goto
2018-12-16Update source to GNOME GitLabPhilip Goto
2018-12-16Clean up PKGBUILDPhilip Goto
2018-10-18Remove superfluous gtk3 dependencyPhilip Goto
2018-09-20Include version numberPhilip Goto
2018-09-18Add libhandy to normal dependenciesPhilip Goto
2018-09-18Add libhandy dependencyPhilip Goto
2018-08-27Remove single quotesPhilip Goto
2018-08-27Add missing dependenciesPhilip Goto
2018-08-09Update urlPhilip Goto
2018-07-27Change version to latestPhilip Goto
2018-07-27Improve versioning and cd callsPhilip Goto
2018-07-25Update dependencies and prepare to build libtransmission properlyPhilip Goto
2018-02-05Change dependency transmission-cli to libtransmissionPhilip Goto
2018-02-05Sort dependencies alphabeticallyPhilip Goto
2018-02-05Add missing dependenciesPhilip Goto
2018-02-05Add libb64 to build dependenciesPhilip Goto
2018-01-30Add inital version of fragments appPhilip Goto