AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-04upgpkg: franz 5.0.1-2Giovanni Santini
2019-03-31upgpkg: franz 5.0.1-1Giovanni Santini
2019-03-17upgpkg: franz 1:5.0.0-1Giovanni Santini
2019-01-02bump version to v5.0.0-beta.22FFY00
2018-09-07fix dependenciesFFY00
2018-09-05fix iconFFY00
2018-08-19pkgbuild: enhance pkgbuildFFY00
2018-08-14pkgbuild: fix installFFY00
2018-07-09pkgbuild: fix package #2FFY00
2018-07-09pkgbuild: fix package #2FFY00
2018-07-09pkgbuild: fix package #1FFY00
2018-07-09pkgbuild: fix typoFFY00
2018-07-09pkgbuild: bump version to 5.0.0_beta.18FFY00
2018-03-255.0.0-beta.17Pieter Goetschalckx
2018-02-28Beta 16Pieter Goetschalckx
2018-01-30Version 5.0.0_beta.15Pieter Goetschalckx
2018-01-05Upgrade electron-builder and electron-updaterPieter Goetschalckx
2018-01-03Revert fixPieter Goetschalckx
2017-11-28Fix for C.UTF-8 problemPieter Goetschalckx
2017-11-27Version 5.0.0_beta.14Pieter Goetschalckx
2017-11-21Add git and python2 dependenciesPieter Goetschalckx
2017-11-20Add gconf dependencyPieter Goetschalckx
2017-11-11Version 5.0.0-beta.13Pieter Goetschalckx
2017-10-30Add npm dependencyPieter Goetschalckx
2017-10-26Version 5Pieter Goetschalckx
2016-09-07Updated to v4.0.4Marc Jose
2016-09-06Merge branch 'aur-master'Marc Jose
2016-09-06Update to v4.0.3 and add license fileMarc Jose
2016-08-31Merge branch 'aur-master'Marc Jose
2016-08-31Updated to v4.0.2Marc Jose
2016-08-30Merge branch 'aur-master'Marc Jose
2016-08-30Updated to 4.0.1Marc Jose
2016-08-29Fixed dependency: libxssMarc Jose
2016-08-29Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git:// into aur-masterMarc Jose
2016-08-29Fixed dependency libxssMarc Jose
2016-08-29Updated to v4.0.0Marc Jose
2016-08-29Updated to v4.0.0Marc Jose
2016-07-25Merge branch 'aur-master'Marc Jose
2016-07-25Fixed SHA256 sumsMarc Jose
2016-07-25Merge remote-tracking branch 'develop/master' into aur-masterMarc Jose
2016-07-25Updated to version 3.1.1(beta)Marc Jose
2016-06-26Added v3.1.0Marc Jose
2016-06-11Version 3.0 of the AppAyrton Araujo
2016-05-03New version from a contribution by FadeMind :-)Ayrton Araújo
2016-04-19Fixing download links structureAyrton Araújo
2016-04-18Added glib as a dependencyAyrton Araújo
2016-04-14Release 0.9.10Ayrton Araújo
2016-04-04Changed SRCINFO to fit new package informationAyrton Araújo
2016-03-28Marking the package changeAyrton Araújo
2016-03-28Merge pull request #1 from imprecision/masterAyrton Araújo