AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-03fix: add 'rev1' string to versionIgor Moura
2019-12-03Update to version 18.4Igor Moura
2019-12-03fix: added way to pass through arguments, thanks @mudkip908Igor Moura
2019-08-28Update to version 18.3Igor Moura
2019-06-02Update to version 18.2 && added fuse2 as a depIgor Moura
2019-05-23Update to version 18.16117Igor Moura
2019-05-19Fixed wrong checksums, againIgor Moura
2019-05-03Fixed wrong checksumsIgor Moura
2019-05-03Fixed mistakes with .desktop file patchingIgor Moura
2019-05-01Update to version 18.1Igor Moura
2019-01-04Initial Commit, 0.17.13541.9948ee4Igor Moura