AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysNew 13.6 releasetee
11 daysUpdate to 13.6tee
2024-04-10Skip loading Animal.dattee
2024-04-06Update to 13.5tee
2024-03-26Update to 13.4tee
2020-12-22update to 11.4Jochum Döring
2020-12-20fix for curl wrapperJochum Döring
2020-07-25Update to v11.0Simon Brulhart
2020-06-21Re-enable DLAGENTSimon Brulhart
2020-06-21Update to v10.25Simon Brulhart
2020-05-18Update to v10.24Simon Brulhart
2020-04-22Add lsb-release as dependencySimon Brulhart
2020-04-18Update to v10.23Simon Brulhart
2020-04-10Revert SSL error handling for openssl 1.1.1fSimon Brulhart
2020-03-18Update to v10.22Simon Brulhart
2020-03-07Fix build issue with curl 7.69.0Simon Brulhart
2020-02-16Remove build fixesSimon Brulhart
2020-02-15Update to v10.20Simon Brulhart
2020-01-20Fix build errorSimon Brulhart
2019-12-29Update to v10.19Simon Brulhart
2019-11-24Update to v10.18Simon Brulhart
2019-10-20Update to v10.17Simon Brulhart
2019-08-18Revert to download workaroundSimon Brulhart
2019-08-17Update to v10.15Simon Brulhart
2019-07-16Update to v10.14Simon Brulhart
2019-07-05Update download workaroundSimon Brulhart
2019-06-17Update to v10.13Simon Brulhart
2019-05-15Fix package stepSimon Brulhart
2019-05-15Update to v10.12Simon Brulhart
2019-04-13Fix old checksumsSimon Brulhart
2019-04-13Update to v10.11Simon Brulhart
2019-04-13file location fixJochum Döring
2019-04-13update to 10.11Jochum Döring
2019-03-11Update to v10.10Simon Brulhart
2019-02-12Remove obselete workaroundsSimon Brulhart
2019-02-12Update to v10.9Simon Brulhart
2019-01-16update to 10.8Jochum Döring
2018-11-22updated sha file sumsJochum Döring
2018-10-15Updated to 10.5-1.Nori13
2018-09-09Updated to 10.4-1.Nori13
2018-08-07Updated to 10.3-1.Nori13
2018-08-07Removed freefilesync.installNori13
2018-07-06Updated to 10.2-1.Nori13
2018-06-03Updated to 10.1-1.Nori13
2018-04-27Updated to 10.0-1.Nori13
2018-03-17Removed previous fixes, removed wxgtk 3.1.x dependency, and added lines to ed...Nori13
2018-03-179.9-4: Fixed pkgrel number.Nori13
2018-03-179.9-4: Fixed cp: cannot create regular file '/usr/bin/': Permissi...Nori13
2018-03-179.9-3: Moved wxgtk-common-dev, wxgtk2-dev, and wxgtk3-dev from dependencies t...Nori13