AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-07-13Split packagesAlfredo Ramos
2016-07-07Add fix for msgpack v2.0.0Alfredo Ramos
2016-06-18Remove the -j make optionAlfredo Ramos
2016-05-22Version Ramos
2016-04-29Delete install fileAlfredo Ramos
2016-03-31Quote srcdir and pkgdirAlfredo Ramos
2016-01-24Add msgpackc patchAlfredo Ramos
2015-11-21Add missing dependencyAlfredo Ramos
2015-09-09Use system jsoncpp and msgpack-c libraries. Switch to clang compilerAlfredo Ramos
2015-08-21Reset pkgrelAlfredo Ramos
2015-08-21Version Ramos
2015-06-08Following the VCS package guidelines. Dependencies update.Alfredo Ramos
2015-06-08MigrationAlfredo Ramos