AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-07-09Update dependencies, move pkgver() after prepare()Olivia May
2023-07-09Fix package compilation issue.Olivia May
2023-07-07Update maintainerOlivia May
2020-06-18Updated: PKGBUILDGoliathLabs
2019-02-17February 17th, 2019 updateFrederic Bezies
2018-11-18adopted and updated PKGBUILDFrederic Bezies
2017-07-27Add ccache as makedeps()Alfredo Ramos
2017-07-13Split packagesAlfredo Ramos
2016-12-07Fix compilation errorsAlfredo Ramos
2016-06-18Remove the -j make optionAlfredo Ramos
2016-04-29Delete install fileAlfredo Ramos
2016-03-31Add git submodules in the source() arrayAlfredo Ramos
2016-01-25MsgPack issue fixed upstreamAlfredo Ramos
2016-01-24Add msgpackc patchAlfredo Ramos
2015-12-13Change pkgver formatAlfredo Ramos
2015-11-21Add missing dependencyAlfredo Ramos
2015-09-09Switch to clangAlfredo Ramos
2015-08-21Latest freeminer commitAlfredo Ramos
2015-06-17Use Arch\'s jsoncpp lib. Latest Freeminer commit.Alfredo Ramos
2015-06-08MigrationAlfredo Ramos