AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-10rename apache-ant packageskydrome
2019-11-10 modified: .SRCINFOskydrome
2019-11-10gradle 6 for jdk13 supportskydrome
2019-10-30 modified: PKGBUILDskydrome
2019-10-24dont use gradle daemonskydrome
2019-10-22 modified: .SRCINFOskydrome
2019-10-22update wrapperconfigskydrome
2019-10-19add alternate gc usage to wrapperskydrome
2019-04-19add patch to strip non needed dependencies wasting bandwidthskydrome
2019-04-13run all testsskydrome
2019-04-13Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2019-04-13minor updateskydrome
2019-04-13modify install msgskydrome
2019-04-10final fix for gradle 5skydrome
2019-04-09fix branchskydrome
2019-04-09build with system gradleskydrome
2019-04-07formatting changesskydrome
2019-03-12fix git fetch without a gitconfigskydrome
2019-03-06update to gradle 4.10.3skydrome
2019-01-20Update .SRCINFOSteve Dougherty
2019-01-20Use Gradle wrapper14mRh4X0r
2018-10-11fix for new ant versionYour Name
2018-10-10bump for official releaseYour Name
2018-07-27force utf8 encodingYour Name
2018-07-21use zip package instead of the more larger p7zip and add it as a dependencyYour Name
2018-07-12fix warningYour Name
2018-07-101481Your Name
2017-10-12bcprov updateYour Name
2017-05-26skip chksum for ip geo dataYour Name
2017-04-28upload db4o and seednodes to temp git repoYour Name
2017-04-09build01478Your Name
2017-03-08build01477Your Name
2017-03-01 build01476Your Name
2016-12-31bump bcprov versionYour Name
2016-08-07 modified: .SRCINFOskydrome
2016-08-07bump minreleaseskydrome
2016-08-07WebOfTrust build0019skydrome
2016-05-07Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-05-07fix chksumskydrome
2016-04-24Update KeyUtils to v5026Steve Dougherty
2016-02-17versioned releases for allskydrome
2016-02-04use updated bcprovskydrome
2015-10-01prevent fetching iptocountry.datskydrome