AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-05Update to 1.6.19.David Matson
2017-06-24Update .SRCINFO.David Matson
2017-06-24Update to 1.6.18.David Matson
2017-06-24Release version 1.6.17-4.David Matson
2017-06-24Actually update package version.David Matson
2017-06-24Release version 1.6.17-3.David Matson
2017-04-23Release version 1.6.17-2.David Matson
2017-04-23Simplify configure arguments.David Matson
2017-04-22Add support for mod_managed.David Matson
2017-04-22Update modules.conf to match source version.David Matson
2017-04-22Cleanup ordering of _mod_makedepends.David Matson
2017-04-22Remove obsolete nasm makedepends.David Matson
2017-04-22Remove depends provided by base.David Matson
2017-04-22Add no modules option.David Matson
2017-04-22Fix modules used during configure.David Matson
2017-04-21Update to 1.6.17.David Matson
2017-04-21Fix compiling mod_mongo with current gcc.David Matson
2017-04-20Release version 1.6.12-2.David Matson
2017-04-20Fix compiling with current gcc.David Matson
2017-04-20Fix mod_enum ldns depends.David Matson
2016-11-01Add initial package.David Matson